Understanding Pine Furniture

It would be lovely to feel that instant sense of calm as you walk into the home. If this is something that you care to achieve, then using pine furniture is exactly what you need. Pine is softwood that has been used to craft furniture since the Victorian era and is still commonly used today to produce pieces for the home. Pine kitchen furniture is popular for giving an antique cottage kitchen style design where as pine living room furniture is known for giving a rustic cabin style feel to the home.For the past years, pine has suffered a bad reputation in the furniture industry because many manufacturers used low grade pine timber as a base for many veneered furniture. Thus, as with any furniture crafted without the quality timber it should be created with, they very easily fell apart. In truth, pine is a highly durable material similar to oak if produced with high quality. The production of sturdy pine trees that should be used for furniture is done in commercial plantations for timber that is more durable and heavier.The misconception to its receding reputation is that consumers fail to realize that pine is softwood and its comparison to oak is unjust as oak is hardwood. While it is a tough wood it is unsuitable for some circumstances. For instance it is also not advisable to be used for outside furniture as it is extremely sensitive to temperature and absorbs water a lot faster.However, do not be disconcerted and disheartened. There are many benefits to using pine furniture too. For one it is one of the most beautiful materials that can be used to craft furniture. As it is a softwood, it allows for lovelier and more intricate designs and can truly be hand carved to a masterpiece. In fact, it is so beautiful that a lot of consumers purchase them unfurnished because it simply is not necessary. It ultimately adds charm to any household.It is also, in fact a very durable material if taken care of properly. The same rules apply, dust and wipe off dirt often. Of course the kind of durability that oak is popular for cannot be expected but it runs pretty closely. That should count for something as we are comparing hardwood to softwood. Because many manufacturers have been producing low quality pine furniture, it is important that you only source furniture from the most reliable and reputable firms that distribute them.Pine furniture is also commonly cheaper. It is most practical for newlywed couples moving into their own home within a tight budget or individuals coming of age and wanting to live independently. This is because softwood is always more affordable than hardwood and the materials used to craft furniture also comes as less expensive.Lastly but most importantly, utilizing pine living room furniture is environmental friendly. As it grows abundantly from natural resources, you do not have to feel guilty about cutting a tree. Pine by nature, is a fast growing tree. Plus the manufacturing of wooden furniture does not generally require toxic chemicals like how plastic chairs and tables are made. You can be assured that the pine kitchen furniture you are thinking of purchasing will not have an adverse effect on nature. We all collectively want to speed up the process of making the world green again. Purchasing natural materials is one way to help.Now that you have learned all about the advantages and disadvantages of using pine furniture, it is all matter of choice and personal preference. Think first of what it is you really need for the home. Consider factors such as strength, durability and of course, style. Also consider your lifestyle such as how often you will be using this furniture or how religiously you can take care of it. If you want to incorporate unmistakable charm, warmth and character to your home, then pine is definitely the perfect choice. It will be one worthwhile investment purchased within an affordable budget that can stand the test of time if properly maintained.