Considerations in Developing an Entertainment Career

While ones education may provide the skills and knowledge to do the job, most institutions sadly neglect teaching the necessary tools and information to seek and find suitable employment. It is a shame to spend thousands of dollars on training in hopes of finding work in the entertainment industry, yet have only limited understanding about how this is accomplishes. Disregarding preparation in this area can severely lower ones earning capacity or possibly negate entry.Why this neglect, by both learning establishments and students? Firstly, teachers have little preparation in this aspect of the business. Their training is on the nut and bolts of the trade, not on how to promote these skills. In addition, job hunting is a complex subject that does not fit neatly into a classroom curriculum, especially in the entertainment industry where jobs vary and are highly specialized. Likewise, this business is highly competitive where applicants far out number openings. Advertising this fact does not resonate well with schools trying to attract students.Students, likewise, share in this blame as they have pie in the sky dreams of making it big. Egos, pipe dreams and misinformation get in the way of meaningful strategies that can guide students through this maze. Students seldom see the value of learning job-hunting techniques until it is too late. By then hopes and funds are decimated and the inclination to seek guidance seldom materializes. As a result, an expensive education and gifted talents go to waste.How can this problem be remedied? Awareness is your first step. Being aware that there is a long list of tools, knowledge, and strategies available and that by implementing them you can succeed in finding gratifying employment. One key strategy one should apply to every job interview is exuding a supportive and helpful attitude. An attitude that states, “What can I do for you?” “How can I help solve your problems?” With such an attitude, the focus is on the goals of the company and not on the aims of the employee.Job-hunting tools consist of industry directories, support groups, networking opportunities, and promotional materials. Industry directories are available online as well at industry bookstores such as Samuel French. Support groups for actors, writers, and filmmakers are helpful to newcomers. Groups such as Film Independent, Filmmaker’s Alliance and Women In Film offer insights into industry operations with their seminars and panel discussions. They also offer opportunities to mingle with peers and potential employers.Promotional materials might consist of cover letters, resumes, pictures, portfolios, demo reels, or other samples of your work. Compiling evidentiary materials such as awards, clippings, online credits, and recommendation letters will increase your hiring potential. Accomplishments should be at the center of your presentation and relevant to the employer’s needs. While experience, training and special skills have a bearing, your achievements will be the key factor. By using active power words, your accomplishments will have greater impact. For instance, instead of saying your duties included preparing sales reports for management, state how you improve operations. For example, reorganized and operated new sales reporting system that provided increased information in half the time.In the entertainment industry, referrals and recommendations are a must. People often say it’s who you know that gets you the job. Actually, it’s respected people knowing your skills and capabilities that moves the process along. Cultivating these supporting contacts may take considerable effort as such relationships require a good amount of trust. That can take time.Interview skills are also part of your tool kit. Most important is your ability to answer questions and use your answers to segue into stories that have memorable impact. Being able to communicate your abilities and accomplishments through stories is a key factor in networking, interviewing and sustaining a career. While they will look at your resumé, they will remember you by the success stories you tell.Knowing the value of what you can bring to a prospective employer is also a key factor. Having arguments ready will increase your starting salary and help you negotiate a better deal. Likewise, by knowing the basic negotiating techniques you can, over time, add considerable value to your net worth. For instance, knowing there are three critical factors in every negotiation, power, information, and time and using them to your advantage. Likewise, remember you are negotiating all the time. Another one is gathering information on your prospect and his needs.By researching these topics, you will find a number of services and publications, many that are free, that will give insights into the industry as well as opportunities to network. Likewise, there are websites that offer free job-hunting tips and strategies. By being aware there are support groups, tools and strategies, you can seek assistance and compile the needed resources to develop as rewarding and long-lasting entertainment career.

Understanding Pine Furniture

It would be lovely to feel that instant sense of calm as you walk into the home. If this is something that you care to achieve, then using pine furniture is exactly what you need. Pine is softwood that has been used to craft furniture since the Victorian era and is still commonly used today to produce pieces for the home. Pine kitchen furniture is popular for giving an antique cottage kitchen style design where as pine living room furniture is known for giving a rustic cabin style feel to the home.For the past years, pine has suffered a bad reputation in the furniture industry because many manufacturers used low grade pine timber as a base for many veneered furniture. Thus, as with any furniture crafted without the quality timber it should be created with, they very easily fell apart. In truth, pine is a highly durable material similar to oak if produced with high quality. The production of sturdy pine trees that should be used for furniture is done in commercial plantations for timber that is more durable and heavier.The misconception to its receding reputation is that consumers fail to realize that pine is softwood and its comparison to oak is unjust as oak is hardwood. While it is a tough wood it is unsuitable for some circumstances. For instance it is also not advisable to be used for outside furniture as it is extremely sensitive to temperature and absorbs water a lot faster.However, do not be disconcerted and disheartened. There are many benefits to using pine furniture too. For one it is one of the most beautiful materials that can be used to craft furniture. As it is a softwood, it allows for lovelier and more intricate designs and can truly be hand carved to a masterpiece. In fact, it is so beautiful that a lot of consumers purchase them unfurnished because it simply is not necessary. It ultimately adds charm to any household.It is also, in fact a very durable material if taken care of properly. The same rules apply, dust and wipe off dirt often. Of course the kind of durability that oak is popular for cannot be expected but it runs pretty closely. That should count for something as we are comparing hardwood to softwood. Because many manufacturers have been producing low quality pine furniture, it is important that you only source furniture from the most reliable and reputable firms that distribute them.Pine furniture is also commonly cheaper. It is most practical for newlywed couples moving into their own home within a tight budget or individuals coming of age and wanting to live independently. This is because softwood is always more affordable than hardwood and the materials used to craft furniture also comes as less expensive.Lastly but most importantly, utilizing pine living room furniture is environmental friendly. As it grows abundantly from natural resources, you do not have to feel guilty about cutting a tree. Pine by nature, is a fast growing tree. Plus the manufacturing of wooden furniture does not generally require toxic chemicals like how plastic chairs and tables are made. You can be assured that the pine kitchen furniture you are thinking of purchasing will not have an adverse effect on nature. We all collectively want to speed up the process of making the world green again. Purchasing natural materials is one way to help.Now that you have learned all about the advantages and disadvantages of using pine furniture, it is all matter of choice and personal preference. Think first of what it is you really need for the home. Consider factors such as strength, durability and of course, style. Also consider your lifestyle such as how often you will be using this furniture or how religiously you can take care of it. If you want to incorporate unmistakable charm, warmth and character to your home, then pine is definitely the perfect choice. It will be one worthwhile investment purchased within an affordable budget that can stand the test of time if properly maintained.

How to Get Health Insurance If You’re Uninsured Or Just Unsure

If you’ve recently lost your job or are self employed or work as a freelancer, you may not have health insurance. You’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands go uninsured due to financial reasons.Others may be staying in jobs they hate “because I need the health benefits” and they worry about what to do if they make a transition. You’re not alone either. Good health is a huge priority. Without that, everything else can fall apart.I’m a strong advocate for taking preventative health measures. But part of taking preventative measures is making sure you see your physician for annual general checkups along with followups, and seeing a physician when you know something is wrong.Since it can be confusing navigating where to go to obtain health insurance during such times, I thought the following might help.The American Diabetes Association has put together a very helpful resource guide for you. I’ve used New York here, since many of you reside there but you can get the same information for ANY state by clicking on your state on the red map on their website.NEW YORKThe following information details health insurance and assistance programs available to uninsured people in New York.If you currently have health insurance or have just lost health insurance coverage within the past 60 days, visit the health insurance section of the American Diabetes Association website for options available to you.New York Insurance Department – (800) 342-3736Residents of New York cannot be turned down from purchasing an individual health insurance policy regardless of any health conditions they may have. This is called guaranteed issue. In addition, residents cannot be charged a higher rate for their policy because of their health status. This is called community rating. The New York Insurance Department may be able to help you locate names and phone numbers of possible insurers who will sell you this type of policy. Please contact them for more information.If you are having a problem with your state-regulated health plan and you are unable to resolve it with the plan directly, file a complaint with the Insurance Department. They may be able to provide you with assistance in reaching a conclusion.New York Health Insurers Guide AvailableThe New York Consumer Guide to Health Insurers provides information about the wide range of health care options available in in the state and enables New Yorkers to compare commercial and non-profit health insurers as well as health maintenance organizations (HMOs) on a variety of factors, from services offered to overall consumer satisfaction. This guide can assist you in finding the best health care plan for you and your family.New York Medicaid – (518) 486-9057Medicaid is available to anyone who meets income and eligibility criteria. Even if your income meets the criteria, you must fall into one of the eligibility categories in order to qualify. Contact your state Medicaid program for more information.Healthy New York – (866) 432-5849The goal of the Healthy NY program is to provide health insurance coverage to eligible uninsured working individuals and self-employed individuals. This program is also available to small businesses that are not currently offering health insurance coverage to their employees. You must meet certain income eligibility criteria to qualify. Please contact Healthy New York for more information.Child Health Plus (CHPlus) – State Children’s Health Insurance Program –
(800) 698-4543Child Health Plus is the health insurance program designed to provide health insurance to children and teens under age 19 whose family may have too great an income to qualify for Medicaid, but who may not be able to afford health insurance. Visit the Web site to find out if you or your child meets the income guidelines.New York Family Health Plus – 1-877-934-7587Family Health Plus is a health care program for uninsured adults between the ages of 19 and 64 who have incomes too high to qualify for New York ‘s Medicaid program. Family Health Plus is available to single adults, couples without children, and parents with limited incomes. Individuals must meet residency and certain immigration qualifications to be eligible.If you or your loved one is unable to see a physician due to the cost of care, there may be a local community health clinic in your area. These clinics generally are free or require a very small fee for patients to receive care. Find a clinic in your area.For those with preexisting conditions, there are advocacy groups working on your behalf. If you have trouble finding one, message me and I’ll send you a link.Also, if any freelancers have had a good or bad experience with certain health insurances, please message me as it’d be helpful to know which ones are working well and which are not.Hope this helps.Quick Link to Map for Health Insurance in other States:

Alternative Automotive Fuel

Middle class and upper class citizens are suffering on the constant increase of energy cost because transportation is one among the primary needs of everyone today. Citizens that belong to the middle class are complaining on the unending increase of fare and transportation fees, while the ones that belong to the upper class society or what we call “rich” ones also find difficulty in managing their daily expenses for gasoline and vehicle oil. These concerns are already been addressed by the government today by developing and offering various types of alternative automotive fuel.Alternative automotive fuel comes in different forms such as biodiesel fuel and hydrogen. Biodiesel is the first fuel alternative that has been developed but it is not given enough attention because of its high production cost and difficult production process. It is made from soy bean products and other vegetable oil that’s why it usually got some particles to be totally filtered or separated. The next one which is hydrogen fuel is well known today because of its abundant supply and powerful capacity to power up a vehicle. Hydrogen or water has lightweight elements and high power potentials that are possible to word with vehicle’s and other modern technologies. Hydrogen is available all around the globe, and being an alternative automotive fuel, many people are expecting financial relief and saving.For your vehicle to be able to use this alternative automotive fuel, your vehicle needs to undergo parts replacement, calibration and conversion so that its mechanism would be properly oriented to adopt the use of hydrogen. Hydrogen as replacement to fossil fuels is proven safe and powerful because it elemental compounds that has the capacity to put a vehicle on efficient running condition while producing clean and environmental friendly emission. The patronization of this as alternative fuel today could lead to a better economy and better living standards throughout the country of every citizen at any level of the society.Side effects or counter effects are to be disregarded when your vehicle is properly converted and supplied with clean and pure hydrogen. It will run fast with its original capacity and during the process only transparent, odorless and clean emissions will be released. If you are thinking about shifting to the use of this alternative automotive fuel, all you have to do is to rush up to the automotive repair shops near in your area because they are surely aware of this. The development of hydrogen as fuel alternative has been well disseminated for its wide use immediate positive effects to our economy. It is expected to save consumer’s gas expenses, lower the cost of foreign oils, increase the country’s resources development and upbringing good and stable economy status.